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I am a Saxophonist, Keyboardist, and Producer from Louisville, Ky. I started playing the sax in Elementary and school took up the piano soon after in middle school. I am very lucky to have been exposed to a wide variety of music growing up, and I believe this has only helped my musical journey. 


I play music in because it brings me joy. Music gives me the ability to interact and collaborate with others, and allows me to experience the greatest feeling in the world, performing for an audience. My overall goal as a musician is to be as diverse and marketable as possible by being able to adjust to any musical situation and contribute, no matter the style.

As a saxophone player, I have encountered a unique problem. Most of the music played by saxophonists is jazz, a medium that I adore. However, jazz is longer a popular form of music among the general public. I believe the only way to push jazz forward in our culture is to bring its elements into other forms of music. In my collaborations, I have found ways to fuse jazz with hip hop creating a fresh new sound for audiences of all ages. 

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